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Customer Preference Towards Promotional Activities

Promotional activities are helpful for marketers during certain seasons or festivals; they help in increasing sales during a particular season. We have already seen the different sales promotion activities in our previous blog post, this write-up explains promotional activities from a customer’s point of view.


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Promotion can be done through the four most popular ways they are advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing. Advertising involves use of paid space or time; sales promotion is similar to advertising but the ad changes depending on the season or festival. Public relations on the other hand are maintaining a relationship with the customer or client to engage them in some activity.

Direct marketing is more personal individuals can choose a product and customise their orders easily. Direct marketing is very popular on the internet; websites sell products directly on their websites. Customers are made to fill in a form before they purchase a product, now this data is stored as a database so the right age group can be targeted for the right kind of product or service.

Advertising is a popular mode of promotional activities, in this day and age people like personalisation. Customers prefer when a product or service is sold to them personally, i.e. when a brand sells a product either through an e-mail or a personally sell a product. Fostering a good relationship between a customer helps in promotional activities. Customer’s preferences towards promotional activities are to be kept in mind while selling a product or service.

Ideally individuals would want to try a product before they actually buy it. Depending on the cost of the product the customer would like to see what he or she is investing in before they make the buy. Giving coupons to customers is also beneficial, certain brands give discounts for customers’ anniversary or birthdays, inherently customers prefer such promotional activities.

Marketers must understand the preferences of customers towards promotional activities. It helps in selling products quicker and increases the sales significantly.


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